“An Extreme Close-Up of New York”

To be honest, I can barely think about anything else apart from New York City. Visiting the Big Apple is a long- cherished dream and when you grow in a small, boring town in a country where everything American is considered reprehensible by the Government, the dream gets bigger by year and sometimes reaches the category of “impossible.” But, I always knew the time will come when I would bite the forbidden fruit, and this is it.

My recently acquired photographic composition skill adds a highlight to the experience. I will be taking all kind of photos in New York (I wonder if I can apply the Rule of Thirds to a selfie.) Before this week, I knew some of the types of shots, but it was confusing. Now, I can see more clearly every classification by size and angle.

What worries me the most is how to control the light. After I learn in class that the sun or the source of light has to be on my back, I have been trying to use that to my advantage, but it is hard when there is too much sun, when there are shadows over some one’s face or when the subject has dark skin. I guess it is a matter of practice… and flash.

I loved the feeling of adventure about going to the field to take pictures. I saw the campus with new eyes, like really see it for the first time. At the beginning, it seemed relatively easy, just point and shoot, but after checking the pictures in the camera and the computer, the result was not what I was expecting. I saw several flaws, things that I could have done differently, better. I took more; I was never completely pleased. I console myself saying this is only the first time. That it is also why New York is such a good idea at this moment. Wait here, I will be right back…

Done! I just bought the ticket. Wish me luck!


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