“My Photoshop Epiphany”

This last Multimedia Production class was an epiphany. For a very long time I been wishing to learn Photoshop, but there was never a good time. I always had something more urgent to learn at school or work, and since I never found easy tutorials, I tried to learn it by myself. I thought it would be like any other software that you just start clicking on things until you finally get a grip of it. I was wrong.

Now, the tutorials professor Jay suggested definitely made the trick: for the first time learning Photoshop seem like a possibility. I know this is only the ABC, but I am feeling confident so far and eager to put all the theory to use next week.

The only problem I see is that the version I have at work, the one I am going to be using most of the time, is an old one, and I cannot find some of the tools in the same place, particularly the color correction one. I guess I will have to search for it with patience. My superficial dip on Photoshop made clear to me that with the right amount of hours –patience and determination– I could master any program from now on… as I said, an epiphany.


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