“A New Challenge for This Radio Personality”

I have worked as a radio personality for the last 7 years, first, in Cuba, then, in the United States. The radio industry is very different in these two countries: different terminology, different work rhythm, different classification of the talent and their functions. It has been a challenge; thank God I get to do it in Spanish.

I have learned most of the new ways by doing, that is why the last class was so revealing. I confirmed some of what I knew –the anchor’s functions or the term talent to name professionals in front of the cameras and mics– but I also learned new things, like the types of talent. Now that I know, it seems pretty obvious that a baseball game transmission has a sportscaster, a play-by-play announcer, an analyst and a sideline reporter.

I am very eager to learn the program Audacity next week, because I like to keep my options opened. I have always used Adobe Audition at work, only the basics, to be honest, but enough to feel comfortable working with it. Nevertheless, it is good to know there are other programs just as effective and cheaper or free.

The bigger challenge in this part of the course will be the voiceovers. Recording spots is one of my favorite activities at the radio station, but I have never done it in English. As Professor Jay said last class, most of the success of a TV and radio talent depends on preparedness. So I better start practicing my pronunciation. Talk to you later, Skylighters!


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