“Dimwit Auto Dealers, Take 385!”

Working with the Audacity program has been quite easy, since it works very similar to Adobe Audition, but simpler. Once again, I insist, mastering the softwares and the art of storytelling is about practice and perseverance. That is why I appreciate so much the rhythm we follow in this class: There is time for learning every program and also for finishing every assignment with the right quality.

I have already started the spots the professor will evaluate next week, and my mother has come to my mind several times. There is a phrase she always says when she completes a very difficult task, “It was a childbirth”; well, recording the voice for the spots has been something like that. I must have repeated some phrases more than ten times looking for a pronunciation and an accent as close as possible to the standard American English. Doing it in 30 seconds was also challenging, because the relaxed tone I was inclined to use in one of the spots was impossible to achieve in that time, at least for me. The advantage is that I recorded in a professional studio, so after a little editing, it sounded just fine. I am guessing none of the rest of the project can be more complicated than this.

The music is an element that I have dedicated particular attention. Finding the sound that we have in our heads is not a simple thing; in addition, it needs to be royalty-free. In spite of any difficulties I have encountered along the way, I am still enjoying every part of this course, especially I surprised myself admiring how my blog is growing and taking shape. You should try it, Skylighters. You are going to love it!


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