“I’m Always Open to a Challenge”

I have done news reports before, but this is the first time I feel I am taking the right steps, the first time I understand the process and the structure. Every time my boss comes to me with a new assignment I always say, “Yes, I can do it”, then, I manage to figure out how. And that has been the case until now, especially with the assignments for the newscast. So far, no one has complain, but deep down I know I should have done better. That is why every Monday and Wednesday I wake up sleepy but pleased to get the chance to learn the right way to do multimedia production.

The details of a production plan have been a great revelation for me, learning to write a story proposal and to know and control of the elements I need for a successful video project. What does not seem very realistic to me is recording the voiceover in the same place we record the interviews, because in most of the occasions, journalists do not have a complete script by that time.

Also after this week classes, I realize my story may not be the most easy to record b-roll, but I rather take it as a challenge. As I have tell you before, I work in a radio and TV station that focuses on Cuban issues and broadcast directly to the island. So, most of the time, we face the lack of the ideal images, but we manage to deal with it with graphics, pictures and archive b-roll. Nevertheless, I am open to a change of topic if necessary, in fact, in the next days I will be searching for a local event. If you happen to know one, Skylighters, please tell me about it. Write you later!


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