“What if?”

This has been an exhausting week for me. Thank God it is over. Now that I look in retrospective, I am glad I managed to take my first steps in shooting and editing, between tests and quizzes from other classes I am taking.

If I have to say what was the easy part: being on camera takes the win. The hardest: cracking Premiere Pro or cracking my head to make space for Premiere Pro. I am currently taking advantage of the first- month free trial of the program, and I am already thinking about buying it. I am in this career for the long run, so I better prepared myself with the right tools.

As Professor Jay said in class, one can find some of Premiere Pro features very easily, some others don’t, and, honestly, there are some explanations that I cannot follow from the back of the classroom. It is a good thing we have Youtube. I have been using some tutorials to learn how to do the lower third or for editing the audio with more precision. Sometimes I get very frustrated, because I can find a tool or the tool did not do what I was hoping it would, but with a little patience I have done well so far.

I am a bit worry about filming the news report, mostly because I see the equipment we have do not let me do a proper pan and tilt. What if my takes are shaky? Or if I do not select the right camera movements? It comforts me thinking that a good plan will make for most of my possible mistakes. Until my next video, Skylighters!


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