“Unforeseen events”

I have encountered the first unexpected event in the recording of my final project and hopefully the last. My interviewee cannot make it to the agreed date, because he will be out of town. It is nothing to worry about too much. We will meet Monday in the afternoon, but this proves me that there is no such thing as too much preparation. On the bright side, the situation gives me the opportunity to deal with unforeseen events, because they sure happen.

Nevertheless, I have everything ready: questions, script for the voiceovers, scenarios I want to shot and the equipment. I will use this weekend to test the camera and the rest of the devices, because I have only used them once in class for an hour or so, and to be honest, after the warnings of the person assigning the equipment I got a bit afraid to touch it. He was a little intimidating, but he explained everything very well.

As for Premiere Pro, I already feel comfortable working with it. The two exercises we have done in class have given me more and more confidence to do a good job. Practice is everything. The new edition challenge will be the chroma key project. I am not sure of every step I need to take, but I have learned not to despair. I cannot wait to see the final product. The recording in the studio was a lot of fun; too bad it was done is less than 20 minutes. But it reassured me that I was born for this.

With the promise of a new video, I leave you, Skylighters. ‘Til next week!


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