Farewell to Multimedia Class and a New Chapter for Skylight

I have learned what I expected and more of this Multimedia Production class. I entered this course wanting to learn how to do a proper news report for TV, and even though I am still in need of more storytelling tips, I had the chance to try many things for the first time.

Especially, I learned how to use the softwares for editing photo and video. Photoshop and Premiere Pro were unexplored territory. I used to look at them as I look at French language: so chic, so useful and so unreachable. Well, not any more. Maybe it is now time for French.

This was also the first time I shot video with camera, tripod, microphone and headphones all by myself. A few days ago, after I finished the last work for the class, I had a bittersweet moment: I was proud of my first news feature and uncomfortable with my limitations. I was able to see my mistakes, an ability that will help me to avoid them next time. Shooting and editing video may not be my specialty, but from now on I can look to my cameraperson and editor and tell them exactly what I want, in the technical words.

But, most of all, in this class, I have got the chance to see pass frustration when doing something for the first time. After a while, I started breathing and repeating myself, “Relax and focus, because you can and will do this. You don’t have other option”. This class has been my very own self-help book.

I only have 5 classes left to graduate of Broadcast Journalism, and so far Jay Sandhouse has been the most caring professor I had in my college student life, including my time in Cuba. At least in my experience, you can expect his answer to your emails within an hour, and he always says, “yes” to students asking him to check their work. But, the biggest proof that professor Jay is only interested in your learning is the chance he give students to fix their mistakes after they turn their works in for the opportunity of getting a better grade. This was also a first for me.

Since I started working for the three platforms at the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, radio, TV and webpage, I have introduced myself on my resume as a multimedia journalist. But, it is not until now that I truly feel one. For all this I have to say, “Thank you, professor Jay!”


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