“I know that I know nothin

The Socratic paradox fits as perfectly for this moment of my college life as never before. Nevertheless, there a thrilling sensation about having everything to learn that got me hooked from class one of Multimedia Production. I have been trying to enroll in the class for two semesters now, and the wait has only increased my expectations.

The first news that relieved my incertitude was that professor Jay knows how the multimedia production softwares work and is going to teach us. Many collegemates told me to forget about having too much help (or help at all) from the professor, when learning the softwares. Fortunately, it is not the case. The professor promised patience, time and consideration for my efforts, more than what I could have expected.

I need to take this class not only for graduating but for taking the next step in my professional career. As I mention in my bio, I work as a journalist for a digital media, and for the past 6 months my boss has been searching for a person who can pitch, write, shot, edit and publish short videos for social media, so we can attract more traffic to the website. I terrible wish to be that person. When I finish the class –I am hoping even before– I will be the perfect candidate for the job.

Professor Jay made a compelling case about the importance of Multimedia Production and the challenges to come this semester. But, there is no need to convince me, I already know how essential this class is to get a job in the real world. So, take my advice, skylighters, you need to learn this if you wish to succeed in the new, fierce digital job market. We can learn it together here, so you better keep around. Chao!


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